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Teacher Helping Student


Private 1-1 maths tuition in your own home or online - for ages 11+

At LK Tuition we offer tuition designed to help children and adults achieve their full potential. Many children and adults develop a fear of maths as a result of falling behind, and this can cause a snowball effect, resulting in a loss of confidence. Our initial goal is to build confidence in all of our students and show them that they 'can do maths'.

As their confidence improves, so will their sense of achievement, progress, and ultimately their enjoyment of maths!

An initial, informal assessment is included for all new students to establish their starting point and to ensure the tuition package offered is fully bespoke to their requirements. No two tuition programmes are the same.

Since the introduction of the new GCSE in 2017, there is now an emphasis on real-life contexts in maths, leading to many parents employing tutors to help their children progress. At LK tuition we specialise in teaching all areas of maths for students aged 11+. The maths content is taught in an engaging and memorable way to make maths more fun and enjoyable and to maximise progress. 

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